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Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences


From exquisite 17th century drawings of fossils to unique historic geological sketches and letters from the frontline in World War 1, the Sedgwick Museum Archives contains over 2000 boxes of irreplaceable records. Please visit Archive Enquiries for more information about visiting and access to the Sedgwick Museum Archives.

The Archive includes the papers charting the history and development of the Museum, as well as the famous Sedgwick Club, started in 1880 in memory of Adam Sedgwick (1854-1875), after whom the Museum is named. The Archive also includes field notebooks, sketchbooks and specimen catalogues of Adam Sedgwick himself.

Archive records include:

  • Agostino Scilla’s (1629-1700) original pencil sketches of fossils.
  • Professor of Physic John Woodward’s (1665-1728) fossil collection catalogues.
  • Woodwardian Professor’s archives including those of Adam Sedgwick (1735-1873); Thomas McKenny Hughes (1833-1917); John E. Marr (1857-1933); Oliver Bulman (1902-1974) and Harry Whittington (1916-2010).
  • Earth scientist's Archives including those of: William Alexander Deer (1910-2009); Alfred Harker (1859-1939); William Hallowes Miller (1801-1880); Richard Barrie Rickards (1938-2009) and Edward Tawney (1841-1882). 
  • Records of the Woodwardian and Sedgwick Museum, including accession registers, correspondence, annual reports and specimen catalogues.
  • The Sedgwick Club Archive (1880-) including minute books and photographs. Learn more in our online talk
  • The Cambridge Svalbard Exploration Archive (1938-1992) including field notebooks, catalogues of specimens, maps and photographs. Learn more in our online talk.
  • Art Collection, including several oil paintings of Woodwardian Professors.

Resources & Links

For information about Archives and how to use them in your research please refer to resources on the Archives Hub website.  Explore Your Archive have also created a brief guide - First Things First. This might be useful if you are new to using Archives. 

Resources for locating archives in the UK

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A database of archives and manuscript collections from many of London's higher education institutions, learned societies, cultural organisations and City livery companies.

The database provides access to finding aids and links to digital records for the majority of archives located in the city of Cambridge. ArchiveSearch is under development with new records being added regularly. It will include many thousands of records for archives held by Cambridge University Libraries, University faculties and museums and the majority of the colleges of the University.

Cambridge Dissertation And Research Fair
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Biographical Resources

Please note that some of these may only be accessible via your local library provider and/or by purchasing a license. Please see the websites for further information.

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Other resources

Ancestry operates a network of genealogical, historical records, and related genetic genealogy websites.

Museum Opening Times

The Museum will be closed on Tuesday 28th May, from 10am - 12pm

Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed

Admission Free

No booking required (except groups)