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Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences



Loans of Museum specimens are available for scientific research and exhibitions, subject to the Museum’s Loans Out Policy.


Anyone wishing to borrow specimens will sign an Outgoing Loan Agreement, which is then returned to the Museum before a loan can be made.

For exhibition loans you will also be required to supply a Facilities Report detailing the environmental and security conditions of your exhibition space.

When requesting a loan please supply the following information:

  • Details of the required object(s), including the object number and brief description.
  • Name, address and contact details of the borrower.
  • Name and status of individual making request.
  • Purpose of loan and, if intended for exhibition, the scope of the exhibition and details of all venues.
  • Proposed dates of the loan.
  • A brief statement of the indemnity or insurance provisions which will be made.

The general conditions of loan are available to download

Objects not available for loan

We will endeavour to meet your request if possible, however not all of our specimens are currently available for loan. As retrospective documentation continues, more of the Museum collections will be available for loan in the future. We apologise for any inconvenience caused if the object(s) you request cannot be loaned at this time.

Type fossils

Type fossils will not normally be loaned out. To arrange a research visit to study our type collections please contact us. Further information about our type collections, including many photographs and 3D digital models can be found here.

To request a loan or for further information please contact us.


Image Requests

Images of many of our objects are available for private research or commercial use.

Requests for images of objects not already photographed will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The Sedgwick Museum retains the copyright of all images of the collections. Photographers must supply the Museum with copies of all photographs taken and must sign a copyright declaration confirming rights of the image(s).

For Research:

Visiting scientific researchers may make use of our photography set-up which includes: copy stand, lighting and solid backgrounds.
Any specimens photographed for private research must be listed on a copyright licence declaration. If photographs are to be used for any other purpose, a commercial copyright licence agreement will be required and a fee will be applicable.

For Commercial use:

The use of images for print and digital purposes requires a commercial licence agreement and a fee will be applicable.

To request an image or for further information please contact us.

Museum Opening Times

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Sunday: Closed

Admission Free

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