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Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences


David Stalling: Earth Traces

24/10/2023 - 04/11/2023

Drop in for a captivating, immersive listening experience in our Whewell Gallery.
Free, no booking required
All ages

Conversations between whales in the oceans, the low throb of ship engines, bursts of vibrations excited by earthquakes…we cannot hear these vibrations as sounds, the human ear is not able to, but what if we could? What if we could make the sounds of the Earth audible?

Earth Traces is an art-science collaboration between artist and composer David Stalling and University of Cambridge seismologist Sergei Lebedev. Using a novel method, David and Sergei have translated waveform information contained within seismic data traces into spatial surround sound, revealing the hidden sounds of the Earth.


Museum Opening Times

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Admission Free

No booking required (except groups)